French GCSE

Course overview

Our French GCSE course can be started at any stage of the year (you could start today!) and has been created by Lili Iravani-Miché. Lili, who is originally from Brittany, brings a wealth of experience from her 15 years teaching in secondary schools in the southwest of the UK. 


Students following our course benefit from hearing French spoken by a native speaker. The pre recorded video lessons include plenty of practice in listening, reading, writing and speaking. These skills are developed throughout the engaging course material and allow the student to build the necessary skills to succeed in the GCSE exams. 

Our French GCSE online course follows the AQA French GCSE syllabus (Higher Tier). 


The assessments are based on three themes:


Theme 1: Identity and culture

This theme covers the following four topics: 


  1. Me, my family and friends (relationships, marriage/partnership)
  2. Technology in everyday life (social media and technology)
  3. Free-time activities (music, cinema and TV, food and eating out, Sport)
  4. Customs and festivals in French-speaking countries

Theme 2: Local, national, international and global areas of interest

This theme covers the following four topics:


  1. Home, town, neighbourhood and region
  2. Social issues (charity/voluntary work and healthy/unhealthy living)
  3. Global issues (the environment/ poverty)
  4. Travel and Tourism

Theme 3:

This theme covers the following four topics:


  1. My studies
  2. Life at school/college
  3. Education post-16
  4. Jobs, career choices and ambitions

How will I be assessed?

Our French GCSE course comprehensive material for students wishing to take the Higher Tier exams.


For information about the Foundation Tier, please see FAQs below.


The assessments are as follows:


Listening: 45 mins – 25% of GCSE

Speaking: 10-12 mins – 25% of GCSE

Reading: 60 mins – 25% of GCSE

Writing: 75 mins – 25% of GCSE

How will the course prepare me for the exams?

This French GCSE course is presented by Lili Iravani-Miché, a highly experienced French teacher with 15 years experience teaching in the south west of the UK. Lili is a native speaker from Brittany who has drawn on her extensive background in teaching GCSE French, to provide a clear, engaging and effective course. 


The course is delivered via video presentations and includes plenty of practice in reading and listening comprehension, translation (English to French and French to English) and the production of accurate written and spoken French.


Students have the benefit of hearing authentic spoken French. Students are also given the opportunity to practice their speaking skills during the recorded video lessons.

During the lessons, students are encouraged to complete the practice exercises and to then compare them with the answers that are provided. 


Where exercises require the student to write in French, modal answers are provided. These are valuable learning resources, enabling students to appreciate what is required to achieve the higher grades.


All the lessons are carefully created to provide a highly interactive experience.


Click here for the AQA GCSE French specification

Reasons to study French

Learning French can help enhance your creativity, communication skills and self-confidence.

Access the international job market and stand out in the workplace.

Makes it easier to learn another language.

Discover French culture, for example, enjoy reading French literature, watching French films and listening to French music.

Faciliates a rewarding appreciation of French cuisine, fashion, theatre, visual arts, dance and architecture. 

Travelling and holidaying in France are more rewarding when you can communicate effectively in French.

Studies have shown that learning a second language can enhance cognitive abilities – a benefit for people of all ages.



French GCSE



Course fee provides access to full course material until July 2025 


Covers specification for exams in 2024 and 2025


French GCSE - paid in instalments

£27.80 x 5 months


Course fee provides access to full course material until July 2025 


Covers specification for exams in 2024 and 2025



Yes. If you purchased the course today, for example, you would be automatically sent an email with your login details. These provide access to the entire course which is easy to navigate via a menu bar. You can select the sessions you wish to study and return to sessions as often as you require. 


Our courses are designed to be followed independently and allow our students to start at any time of the year that suits them.

Yes, it is possible to start this course as a beginner in French. If you are studying French for the first time, or have not studied the language for some time, we recommend that you review the grammar sections at the front and back of the required textbook listed below. 

12 months access is £129 and 24 months access is £159. Instalment options are also available (see below).

Yes. You can choose to pay in full or via 5 monthly instalments.

12 months access is £27.80 x 5 months (final total = £139)

24 months access is £33 x 5 months (final total = £165)

Yes, you will need to purchae the following textbook: AQA GCSE French Higher, Oxford Press, ISBN: 978-0-19-836583-9


The course takes approximately 150 hours to complete. 

We offer a choice of access for 12 or 24 months to provide flexibility. The content for both time frames is the same.


Some students take our courses of interest and are not planning on taking the exams.


For students planning to take the exams, we recommend deciding which year you wish to sit them and then selecting either 12 or 24 months access, allowing for access up to, and possibly including, the exams.  


If you are an independent learner (ie not enrolled in a school or college) you will need to book the exams at an exam centre. The exam centre will ask if you wish to take the Foundation or Higher Tier exams. The Higher Tier is an extension of the Foundation Tier. In following this course, students will cover all the material required for both Tiers.


If you are unsure whether to book the Foundation or Higher Tier, we recommend you write a mock paper (we provide links to past papers and the Mark Schemes) to gauge the level at which you are working). 


Most students following this course will take the Higher Tier. Help and advise is also offered during the course regarding the exams and the Tiers by Lili, the teacher. 


You can find further information about booking the exams here.

The cost of the course does not include individual tutor support. The course is competitvely priced and provides access to authentic French and the skills of a teacher with extensive experience in delivering the AQA GCSE in French.


Lili has a thorough undertstanding of the requirements of the GCSE exams and shows students how they can  gain the higher grades. During the course you will have plenty of opportunities to practice the skills of reading, writing, listening and speaking.


Pleaae note: If you decide you would also like some tutor support, or would like feedback and marking of a mock paper, email us at and we will put you in touch with a tutor.

Yes. We have students following our courses as they wish to expand their knowledge and/or skills but are not planning to sit the exams. 

The exams in 2026 will be based on a new specification which is being introduced by exam boards this year.


Our current course covers the specification for the exams in 2024 and 2025.


We plan to offer a course covering the new specification in the future.


If you wish to be notified of the updated course, please subscribe to our mailing list (scroll to bottom of page).

Do get in touch if you have any further questions. Our email is Or you can click on Contact Us. You may also find answers to your questions under FAQs.

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