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Welcome to Sulis Learning.  Based just outside the Roman City of Bath (known to the Romans as Aquae Sulis), we specialise in providing online courses in the Classics.


Our aim is to deliver exceptional content, in an accessible format, and at an affordable cost. 


The course material has been created by Dr Michael Beer, Honorary Research Fellow at the University of Exeter and an associate lecturer at The Open University.


Dr Beer is an expert Classicist and an experienced teacher. He is currently working with Classics for All, training teachers to introduce Latin into state schools.


We currently offer courses in GCSE Latin, Classical Greek, Classical Civilisation and Ancient History. We also offer courses in Latin A Level and Classical Civilisation A Level.


We have also recently added French GCSE, our first modern foreign language,



Sulis Learning courses are delivered via narrated PowerPoints with reference to a recommended textbook.  Dr Beer has also provided numerous links to recommended, reliable resources which encourage students to further explore the topics and deepen their understanding.


Also included are study questions with suggested answers which help learners check their comprehension and progress.


Our courses are ideal for both beginners and those wishing to expand their knowledge of the ancient world. The Latin GCSE is suitable for those who have not previously studied Latin, and for those who would like to improve their Latin. Students benefit from the insights of an expert in this field, with clear explanations and comprehensive material.


Adult learners, as well as school and home educated students, will find these courses fascinating and rewarding to follow.


Each of our online courses includes tips for the exams and links to past exam questions and marking schemes. This enables students to build confidence in their knowledge and their ability to successfully tackle exam questions.


Whilst these courses follow the OCR syllabuses, it is worth noting that there is no requirement to take the exams. We have students following our courses who simply wish to further their knowledge of the ancient world or to start learning Latin.


Following these courses can result in an absorbing, rewarding and lifelong enthusiasm for the Classics. In delving into the social, political and family life of the ancient world; in considering, for example, literature, art and religious beliefs; we can engage more thoughtfully, productively and, maybe, harmoniously in our modern world.  


You may find answers to any further queries in our FAQs.


You are also welcome to email us at info@sulislearning.co.uk.


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