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Course overview

Exam board: OCR


Module 1: Myth and Religion


Module 2: The Homeric World


This course is delivered through narrated PowerPoints by Dr Mike Beer, an Honorary Fellow at the University of Exeter and Associate Lecturer at the Open University. Dr Beer is an expert Classicist with considerable experience teaching GCSE, A level and undergraduate level. He has created comprehensive course material which enables the student to acquire the skills and knowledge required to succeed at GCSE level.


Study Questions with suggested answers allow the student to check their comprehension and retention of the course material. Guidance is also given regarding the answering of exam questions. Through following the course, students will understand what is required to achieve the highest grades.


The course also includes references to the textbook (listed below) and numerous links to resources which will further the student’s understanding.


On purchase, students will have access to the entire course. The modules and topics are easy to access and navigate via a collapsible menu and students can return to the PowerPoints and resources as often as required.


A detailed course overview can be read here.


Required textbook: OCR Classical Civilisation GCSE Route 1 Myth and Religion (Bloomsbury). This is available from online retailers or you could contact your local bookshop.










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