Latin A Level

This Latin A Level can help you to acquire the language skills necessary to access both prose and verse literary texts in their original language. The course also  encourages an enthusiasm for the culture, history and literature of the ancient world.


The OCR A level in Latin consists of four sections, two based on language and two on literature (and for this course this will mean the prose option)


The first two modules (consisting of 50% of the exam marks available) are centred around the study of the language. The material is all studied together but is tested in two examination papers.

The language material will recap some of the most important material from the GCSE language syllabus before moving onto some of the more difficult and complex grammatical forms. In addition, students will practice reading and translating extended passages in Latin.


Students will also practice translating short sentences and passages from English into Latin (this an option that may be taken in the examinations).


Finally, students will start to learn about verse and metre in Latin. The course enables the student to practice translating short verse passages from Latin to English, as well as learning how to identify particular features of poetic technique. In each session, students are taken through the main points of grammar. This is then followed with some practice questions to complete.


The second two components (also providing 50% of the marks) are based on the study of literary texts, both prose and verse.


The selection of texts has been divided in Group 1 and Group II. This essentially divides the A level in AS (Group I) and A level (Group II). As this course is for the full A level, the material will be covered as one.


For 2025 and 2026 exams


Dr Beer has selected the following texts for the 2025 and 2026 exams:


Prose: Group 1: Cicero, Pro Caelio, 51–58, 61–68


Group 2: Cicero, Pro Caelio, 33–50 English: Cicero, Pro Caelio, 1–9, 17–18, 25–32


Verse: Group 3:  Virgil, Aeneid Book 2, 40–249


Group 4: Juvenal, Satire 14.1–33 (… animos auctoribus), 74 (serpente ciconia …)–232 and Satire 15.27–92 English: Juvenal Satires 3, 14 and 15


At the end of the modules there will opportunities to review and revise material before practising skills and knowledge through some examination-type papers. Mark schemes will help candidates to understand what is required by the examiners to achieve the highest grades.

Students are able to return to sessions as often as they wish and to move freely around the course. This makes it possible to review and revise material, check answers to study questions and to study at their own pace.


Latin A Level (OCR) specification: click here

Latin A Level


Latin A Level



Yes, it is possible to start this course at any stage of the year. 


You may wish to take a few factors into consideration. A levels generally take around 350 hours to complete. This, however, will vary depending on your previous experience of the subject or if you are re taking the A level. 


Also, if you are taking Latin A Level at a sixth form or college, this course can provide excellent support for your studies at any stage of the year.

12 months access: £159

24 months access: £189

If paying via 5 montly instalments:

12 months access: £33 (total: £165)

24 months access: £38.80 per month (total: £194)

These details are also on the purchase pages.

Yes, it is possible to pay in 5 instalments.

12 months access: £33 x 5 months (final total: £165) Click here

24 months access: £38.80 x 5 months (final total: £194) Click here.

The course will require approximately 350 hours to complete. It is also important to also allow time for revision and the practice of mock papers.


We offer the options of 12 and 24 months to allow for plenty of flexibility. In deciding how long you require to complete the course you should take the following into consideration:


Your current work, study, family and social commitments


Any holidays you may have booked


Any other time commitments


If you wish to take the exams, decide which year you will work towards.


You can then decide how many hours each week you can devote to the course. Whilst many students begin courses in September and January, it is possible to begin our courses during any month.  You can therefore choose to spread out the course over as many months as suits your particular circumstances.


For example, we have students who start their course in February or March and take the exams the following year. 

Yes. This is a comprehensive course, covering all the material required to successfully sit the A Level Latin exam (OCR).

The course fee does not include individual tutor support. Our courses provide exceptional, comprehensive material at an affordable cost. There are distance learning providers who offer tutor support and their fees reflect this. The support is usually via email.



Students following our courses benefit from the expertise of our course contributors. Dr Beer, for example, has contributed material for the current A Level Classical Civilisation syllabus and brings a wealth of teaching experience to the creation of our Classics courses.



As students progress through our courses they are able to check their understanding with study tasks, and questions (answers provided). It is also possible for students to revisit the sessions as often as required, allowing plenty of time to absorb and reflect on the material.


If a student decided they would like additional support, we are able to put them in touch with a tutor. Please email us at We consider our courses to be excellent value and hope you will too.

Yes. This course can provide excellent support for those following the course through a sixth form or college. 

This course follows the specification for the summer exam sittings of 2023 and 2024.

No. If you are planning to sit the exams, you will need to contact your nearest private exam centre. Please see here for further information. 

If you are an independent learner, you will need to arrange to sit the exams at a private exam centre. The following link is useful for locating your nearest exam centres:

It is also worth enquiring at local secondary schools and colleges as they are sometimes able to accommodate private candidates.

Please see our FAQs for further information.

You will have access to the entire course. The A Level consists of four components: Unseen Translation; Prose Composition or Comprehension; Prose Literature; Verse Literature. 


Yes. You will need to purchase the following textbook: Latin Beyond GCSE (Second Edition) by John Taylor, Bloomsbury. This is available from online retailers or you could contact your local bookshop.

There are small textbooks for the Prose and Verse Literature components. The information regarding these can be found on the purchase page here.


It is absolutely fine to follow this course out of in order to improve your Latin. It is not essential to sit the exams. We have many adult and independent learners who are following our courses simply due to their interest in the Classics. The courses follow the specifications of the GCSE and A Level courses, as specified on the course pages. The final exams would need to be booked at a private exam centre. It is worth noting that our courses include a link to a recent exam papers along with the marking scheme and examiner’s report. These are very useful for checking progress and where a student needs to focus.

You should receive your username and password to the course material shortly after payment. It is usually possible to start the course on the day of purchase.

Do get in touch if you have any further questions. Our email is Or you can click on Contact Us. You may also find answers to your questions under FAQs.

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