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Course overview

This Latin A Level can help you to acquire the language skills necessary to access both prose and verse literary texts in their original language. The course also encourages an enthusiasm for the culture, history and literature of the ancient world.


The OCR  A level in Latin consists of four sections, two based on language and two on literature (and for this course, this will mean the prose option)


The first two modules are centred around the study of the language. The material is all studied together but is tested in two examination papers. The language material will recap some of the most important material from the GCSE language syllabus before moving on to some of the more difficult and complex grammatical forms.


The second two modules are based on the study of literary texts, both prose and verse. For the prose option, Dr Beer has chosen Cicero and will look at the legal speech by Cicero, the Pro Cluentio. Students will be translating the sections of the text that have been allocated for study by the exam board, and, as at GCSE, the course will be looking at the various literary and oratorical devices used by Cicero in his writing.


For the verse option, Dr Beer has selected Virgil’s Aeneid Book XII, the final book of Virgil’s epic poem about the foundation of Rome, composed during the reign of Rome’s first emperor, Augustus.


At the end of the modules, there will be opportunities to review and revise material before practising skills and knowledge through some examination-type papers. Mark schemes will help candidates to understand what is required by the examiners to achieve the highest grades.



Required textbooks:


Language component:


Latin Beyond GCSE (Second Edition) by John Taylor (Bloomsbury).


NB: This module remains the same for the exam years 2023 – 2026.


For exams in 2023 and 2024


Prose Literature component:


Cicero, Pro Cluentio: A Selection (Bloomsbury):


Murder Trials, Cicero (Penguin):


Verse Literature component:


Virgil Aeneid XII: A Selection


Please note: students following the course material for exams in 2023 and 2024 will have access to the entire course on purchase.



For exams in 2025 and 2026


Prose Literature component


Group 1: Cicero, Pro Caelio, 51–58, 61–68


Group 2: Cicero, Pro Caelio, 33–50 English: Cicero, Pro Caelio, 1–9, 17–18, 25–32



Verse Literature component:


Group 3: Virgil, Aeneid Book 2, 40–249


Group 4: Juvenal, Satire 14.1–33 (… animos auctoribus), 74 (serpente ciconia …)–232 and Satire 15.27–92 English: Juvenal Satires 3, 14 and 15


The textbooks required for the above are:




Group 1 and Group 2




Group 3


Group 4



Please note: Students begin the course with the Language material. This is the largest section and needs to be completed before starting the Prose and Verse Literature modules.


If you are planning to take the exams in 2025 or 2026, on purchase you will have access to the entire Language component material.


The Prose Literature material will be added during April and May 2024. The Verse Literature material will be added in June 2024.


For a more detailed course overview and FAQs, click here.

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