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Course overview

Exam board: OCR


Module 1: Greece and Persia


Module 2: The Roman World


The first module focuses on the Persian Empire 559-465 BC, and then a Depth study on Alexander the Great, 356–323 BC. Students will consider the complex factors that allowed Alexander the Great to become one of ancient history’s most famous men.


This section explores the political, military, religious, cultural and technological factors that enabled Alexander of Macedon to achieve so much in such a short space of time.


The second module is about the Roman World and looks at the foundations of Rome: from kingship to republic, 753–440 BC. Study is centred around the legendary foundations of Rome, the period of the kings and the foundation of the Republic.


The second module also includes a Depth study and this will be about one of ancient history’s incredible characters – Cleopatra VII of Egypt. Students will consider her life and rule, with particular focus on her relationship with Rome.


Each session will be based around a PowerPoint that will cover the main material for each topic, a series of resources, study questions and suggested answers.


The course provides comprehensive material, so that the student can be fully prepared to successfully sit the exams.


Each module is worth 50% of the overall marks available. At the end of both modules there will be opportunities to review and revise material before practising skills and knowledge through examination papers. Mark schemes and exemplars will help candidates to understand what is required by the examiners to achieve the highest grades.


On purchase, students will have access to the entire course. Students can choose to return to sessions as often as required to review and, later, to revise.


Ancient History GCSE (OCR) specification – click here


More detailed course overview – click here


Required textbooks:


OCR Ancient History GCSE Component 1, Greece and Persia (Bloomsbury).


This is available from online retailers, including:


OCR Ancient History GCSE Component 2, Rome (Bloomsbury).


Again, this is available from online retailers, including: or you could contact your local bookshop.



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