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A procession from the town of Elis to the sanctuary of Zeus. This took two days.

Athletes, family, representatives of the city states, the judges (hellanodikai).

One involves Pelops. Pelops took part in a chariot race against Oenomaus, for the hand of his daughter, Hippodeamia. Pelops was cursed by the chariot driver who aided him in winning the race. His connection with the founding of the Olympic games is linked to the chariot race.


Another myth comes from Pindar (the Tenth Olympian Ode) which tells of Herakles’ labour to clear the stables of King Augeas of Elias. His sacking of the city was linked to the founding of the Olympic Games in honour of his father, Zeus.

They shared many similarities with oaths taken by modern athletes: to compete fairly,

The games were paused on the third day in order to properly worship Zeus. Priests, judges, athletes, and spectators met at the Bouleuterion from where they processed to the altar of Zeus together with 100 oxen.


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