7. Study Questions Copy

Her two children ( she had six with Germanicus: Nero Caesar, Drusus Caesar, Gaius Caesar (Caligula), Agrippina, Julia Livilla, Julia Drusilla)The two children accompanying her were Caligula (age 8) and Julia Livilla (age 2) She carried the ashes of her husband. 

She was of the greatest nobility (the granddaughter of Augustus) and had a fine marriage. 

Piso was on the island of Cos 

Line 41: the tricolon gives reasons why we, the reader, should sympathise with Agrippina. 

6. Give examples from the text of the following: 

Lines 41 and 42: ‘femina summa nobilitate pulcherrimoque’ 

Line 42 ‘venerationem omnium’

Lines 45-46: ‘caedit victimas, adit templa’. 

It emphasises that the rejoicing of Piso and Plancina  is happening at the same time as the grief of Agrippina.


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