62. Study Questions Copy

Unseen passage translation practice

Translate the section in Taylor on page 182.


Once robbers attacked a town and captured a beautiful girl, whom they led to a cave in which they lived and held her captive there. The girl was very sad, because she had who wished to marry her. After the leader of the robbers was killed in a raid, the others decided to look for a new leader. A few days after they found a certain young man called Haemus. Because he seemed to be very brave, they first begged him to become a thief, then they made him their chief.

Meanwhile they had a discussion about the girl; some wanted to her to be a slave girl, others to kill her in case she became troublesome. But Haemus persuaded them that they could take the girl to a town and try to sell her at a great price. The girl, as soon she realised that she would not die now,  was very happy. That night Haemeus, with dinner prepared, gave the robbers so much wine that after a short time they all fell asleep. He himself however did not drink the wine nor fell asleep, but having tied up the robbers, he took the girl back home. The robbers now knew that Haemus was the girl’s fiancé.


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