62. Answers to exercises Copy

Answers to Exercise 5.13


The letter which you are reading comes from the stolen Briseis

scarcely well written in Greek by her foreign hand.

Tears made whatever blots you will see;

but nonetheless tears too have the weight of a voice.

If it is right for me to make a few complaints about you as my master and man,

I will make a few complaints about my master and man.

It is not your fault that I was quickly handed over to the king when he demanded it

– although this also is your fault;

for as soon as Eurybates and Talthybius called me,

I was given to Eurybates and Talthybius as a companion.

One of them casting his eyes at the face of the other,

they were silently asking where our love was.

But I shed tears without end and I tore my hair

– unhappy, I seemed to myself to be being captured again!

Often I wanted to trick my guard and return,

but there was an enemy who would seize the timid me.

If I had set out, I feared I would be captured by night,

to go as a gift to some daughter-in-law or other of Priam.


– ᵕ ᵕ | – ᵕ ᵕ | – ᵕ ᵕ |–//–|– ᵕ ᵕ | – x

at lacrimas sine fine dedi rupique capillos –

– – |– ᵕ ᵕ |– // – ᵕ ᵕ | – ᵕ ᵕ |x

infelix iterum sum mihi visa capi!


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