61. Study Questions Copy

Unseen passage translation practice

Translate the section in Taylor on page 180.



Then the commander Regulus, whom the Carthaginians had captured, was sent to Rome to seek peace from them and to make an exchange of captives. When he had arrived at the city, his friends rejoicing led him to the senate. But Regulus did nothing as a Roman. For he said that, from that day when he had come into the power of the enemy, he had ceased to be a Roman citizen. Therefore, he persuaded the senators not to make peace with the Carthaginians. For he said that the enemy, worn down by many defeats, had no hope. He did not want very many of their captives to be returned in exchange for himself and a few captured Romans. His friends tried to persuade Regulus not to return to Carthage. Therefore, they invited his wife and sons to the senate. Showing her husband his sons, she begged him to stay at home. However, Regulus said that he preferred to be handed over to the enemy. Then he returned to Carthage, although he knew that the enemy would kill him. The Romans refused to receive the enemies who were seeking peace. Thus, Regulus showed the utmost example of loyalty and courage to all those who were present.


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