6. Study Questions Copy

Try to write your answers first and then compare with the answers provided below. Click on the questions to view the answers.

It lay in a central position, near a major trade route.

They were administrative as well as residential complexes (such was the vastness of the empire that there would have been several royal residences, so the king and court could move according to the needs of war and politics, as well as the changing seasons).

The palace melded influences from surrounding cultures, such as the Egyptians, Assyrians, Babylonians and Phoenicians.

It may help to return to this in a few days to remind yourself of the locations. 

The site was large, and the building was set in spacious irrigated gardens. Although we do not possess much in the way of surviving archaeological material, we can surmise that it was opulent. The luxury of the site would have proclaimed both the huge resources of the king and his greatly elevated status.


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