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Unseen passage translation practice

Translate the section in Taylor on page 177.


Whilst the Romans were fighting against the Latins, Manilius Torquatus was leading the army. His son, Titus, was in charge of the cavalry. Torquatus, a very strict man but  a very brave fighter, ordered his soldiers not to go out of line when fighting with the enemy. In this way he wanted to increase the discipline of the army. Titus however, had been near a certain Latin outpost. There Geminus Minucius, lead of the enemy cavalry, said, laughing, that he (Titus) was afraid to fight with him. Titus however, was so angry that  forgetting the words of his father, having attacked that man very savagely, killed him and captured his weapons.

When he got back to camp, He immediately gave the weapons of Minucius to his father. Torquatus however turned his head away from his son and said ‘Titus Manlius, you obeyed neither your commander nor your father, I order you to be killed’. With these words spoken, all the soldiers were sad. For they believed Torquatus had acted more ferociously than he should. But from that time they always used to obey him and performed their duties more diligently. And so the Latins having been defeated that year, Torquatus was praised by the soldiers.


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