54. Study Questions Copy

Using the material that you have covered for this session, translate the following passage into good English. Take as long as you need but think about how you might approach it under the time constraints of an examination.

illo tempore, urbs Roma a Gallis oppugnabatur. itaque Romani, multis militibus suis mortuis et plurimis villis incensis, ad summum Capitolium ascendere constituerunt. ibi nonnullos dies manebant. mox tamen Romani cognoverunt collem in ingenti periculo esse. nam Galli in animo habebant Capitolium capere. sperabant se ita totam urbem deleturos esse. prima luce omnes Galli magno clamore ad collem cucurrerunt. Romani timebant ne vincerentur, sed tam fortiter pugnaverunt ut hostes facile opprimerent atque fugere cogerent. Galli ad castra regressi inter se cogitaverunt quid facere deberent. tandem miles quidam e Gallis forte invenit viam occultam, quae ad summum Capitolium ducebat. Galli igitur collem media nocte ascendere


Galli, Gallorum (m pl) the Gauls (a Celtic people from Gaul)

Capitolium, Capitolii (n) the Capitol (a hill in Rome)


collis, collis (m) hill

occultus, occulta, occultum hidden, secret

At that time, the city of Rome was being attacked by the Gauls. Therefore, the Romans, with many of their soldiers dead and with many of their house set aflame, decided to go up to the top of the Capitol. There they remained for several days. Soon however, the Romans realised that the hill was in huge danger. For the Gauls had it in mind to capture the Capitol. They hoped that in this way the whole city could be destroyed. At first light all the Gauls ran with a great shout at the hill. The Romans feared that they would be defeated. But they fought so bravely that they easily overwhelmed the enemy and forced them to flee. The Gauls, having retreated to their camp, debated amongst themselves about what they should do. Finally by chance, a certain soldier found a secret route, which led to the top of the Capitol. Therefore, the Gauls prepared to ascend the hill in the middle of the night.


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