52. Answers to exercises Copy

Chapter 4

Answer to Exercise 4.9

There lived in Corinth a certain singer, Arion by name, whom the tyrant Periander held in

great honour on account of his skill. He set out from there in order to visit Italy and Sicily for

the purpose of seeking money. Having acquired great riches there, when he wanted to return

home, he boarded a Corinthian ship. In the middle of the sea however the sailors made a plan

to kill Arion. When he found out about this Arion offered to hand over his wealth if they

would spare him; but he was ordered to jump into the sea. He asked however that he might be

allowed to sing one final song. And so, wearing a magnificent costume, he took his lyre and,

standing on the stern, sang in a very sweet voice. When the song was finished he threw

himself into the sea. The sailors, who believed he had perished, sailed to Greece. But a

dolphin, attracted by such a sweet song, approached Arion through the waves and carried him

safe on its back to Taenarum. Arion made for Corinth as quickly as possible, and told the

tyrant how he had been saved. When the sailors arrived in Corinth not long afterwards,

Periander summoned them and asked them what news they had of Arion. When they replied

that he was thriving in Sicily, Arion suddenly appeared. The sailors were so astonished that

they revealed the whole story, and they were all punished.


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