50. Answers to exercises Copy

Chapter 4

Answer to Exercise 4.5

Dion, the tyrant of Syracuse, had previously been praised but was now greatly hated by both

the people and the soldiers. Finally he found out that certain men had made a conspiracy

against him; but he didn’t know how he could escape from the danger. As he was hesitating

in this way Callicrates came to him – an Athenian citizen, and a man very skilled in crime –

and said: ‘You will in no way be able to avoid the danger unless you do this: persuade a

friend to deceive the citizens by pretending that he is an enemy of yours. If you find a

suitable one, you will easily get to know the minds of everyone and you will be able to get rid

of your enemies.’ When Dion had approved the plan, Callicrates said that he himself was

prepared to do this. Then however, because he was jealous of Dion, he sought companions to

use the opportunity to kill the tyrant. However, because many were aware of what was being

done, the matter was reported to Dion’s sister and wife; terrified, they informed him what

they had heard. Dion said that a trap for him was not being made by Callicrates: what was

being done had been ordered by him. The women nonetheless took Callicrates into a temple

and forced him to swear that there would be no danger for Dion. He swore that he was loyal

to the tyrant. Then however, fearing that he would be seen as treacherous before he had killed

Dion, he hastened to complete the murder.


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