43. Answers to exercises Copy

Chapter 3

Answers to Exercise 3.23

  1. The girls say that they have read all the books which I gave them.
  2. The soldier says that he was afraid of the place where the disaster had happened.
  3. The boy replies that he had finally completed the work which entrusted to him.
  4. The master says that the new salve (who was indeed stupid) could do nothing.
  5. The old man promised that he would write a letter when he returned home.

Chapter 3

Answers to Exercise 3.24

  1. iuvenis dixit puellam quam vidisset pulcherrimam esse.
  2. pueri putant cibum qui sibi datus sit malum esse.
  3. senex negat se epistulam quam miserim legisse.
  4. nuntius rogavit num audivissemus verba quae dixisset.
  5. femina dixit se invenisse pecuniam quam servus antea amisisset.


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