42. Answers to exercises Copy

Chapter 3

Answers to Exercise 3.20

  1. No-one doubted that the envoys were going to return.
  2. The boys could hardly be prevented from climbing the trees.
  3. The girl did not deny that she had eaten all the food.
  4. My father prevented me from becoming a soldier.
  5. Surely there isn’t anyone who does not think these words are very easy.

Chapter 3

Answers to Exercise 3.21

  1. nemo dubitat quin navis mox adveniat.
  2. iuvenis non negavit quin servum necavisset.
  3. te non impediam quin illum librum legas.
  4. legati impediti sunt quominus in senatu loquerentur.
  5. nemo erat quin sciret imperatorem nullas vestes gerere.


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