40. Answers to exercises Copy

Chapter 3

Answers to Exercise 3.15

  1. If the emperor were to come to my house, I should gladly welcome him.
  2. If you hadn’t heard the shouting, the old man would have been killed by the robber.
  3. If our leader were here, such things would not be happening.
  4. If you listened, you would understand all these things.
  5. If you were working hard, I would be greatly pleased.

Chapter 3

Answers to Exercise 3.16

  1. si meus pater adesset, nos adiuvaret.
  2. si in aquam cadas, te servare difficile sit.
  3. si socii advenissent, victi non essemus.
  4. si rex adhuc viveret, haec aedificia miraretur.
  5. puer praemium accepisset nisi fefellisset.


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