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He sent some of the army to Carmania with Craterus, and intended to send a fleet under Nearchus to explore the shore of the Persian Gulf.

There are two competing theories for the purpose of Alexander’s decision to march through the desert rather than along the more hospitable coast. The first argues that this was an attempt to punish his men for their refusal to continue eastward at the Hyphasis River. The other argues that Alexander was attempting to imitate and succeed in the actions of Cyrus the Great who had failed to cross the desert.

Alexander found his empire to be in a state of unrest; there had been rumours that he had died in the east.

Alexander acted decisively, punishing the offending satraps to restore order. A further purge of satraps took place once Alexander reached Susa.

It was almost certainly a way of merging the civilisations of Greece and Persia.

They seemed to have taken issue with what they saw as Alexander’s increased orientalism. They were also angered that they were to be replaced by the Epigonoi— 30,000 young Persians who had been trained and armed in the Macedonian manner.


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