39. Answers to exercises Copy

Chapter 3

Answers to Exercise 3.13

  1. If you are happy, I too am pleased.
  2. If the senator said this, he made a big mistake.
  3. If you come to Rome, I shall salute you gladly.
  4. If you have money, help me.
  5. If I don’t get any food, I shall go back home.

Chapter 3

Answers to Exercise 3.14

  1. si puer illud fecit, stultus erat.
  2. si latronem iterum videro, clamabo.
  3. si librum meum habes, mihi redde.
  4. opus facile erit si verba didiceris.
  5. si senex epistulam scripsit, sapientissimus est.


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