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Factors include Antony’s inability to take the advantage by attacking Octavian earlier, his underestimating of Octavian and Agrippa and poor preparation by Antony.

Caesarion was killed but the others were allowed to live.

She would be taken in changes to Rome and paraded as a humiliated captee and most likely executed.

Suicide was accepted as a way of saving face, but the sources suggest that Antony wanted to live on as a private citizen but killed himself in despair after he felt that Cleopatra had betrayed him and then had taken her life.

As well as ridding himself of a rival and avoiding the opprobrium of having to execute him, he gained control of Egypt and its abundance of resources and got rid of another rival in the form of Caesarion.

Antony and Octavia had a daughter, Antonia, who would go on to marry the brother of Augustus’ stepson, Tiberius (Drusus). Their children would include Claudius, the future emperor, Germanicus (whose son Caligula would also be emperor, and a daughter, Agrippina, would be the mother of future emperor, Nero).


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