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His ships controlled the Mediterranean shipping routes and prevented grain from reaching Rome.

They met Sextus at Misenum in 39 BC and agreed to allow him to retain control of Sardinia and Sicily if he stopped piracy and allowed the grain through.

The Treaty of Tarentum. It included the renewal of the Triumvirate for five years, Antony’s son to be married to Octavian’s daughter, Antony promised Octavian 120 ships to help in the war against Sextus in exchange for 20,000 men for his Parthian campaign.

The defeat of Sextus in 36 BC gave Lepidus an opportunity for a power grab: he tried to seize Sicily. Octavian, however, easily persuaded Lepidus’ troops to defect to him and put Lepidus under house arrest for the rest of his life.


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