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Persian nobleman, murderer and successor of Darius. he reigned as Artaxerxes V between July 330 and later Summer 329 BC

The wearing of Persian dress, proskynesis and prostration.

It may have been because he believed that his real father was Ammon, he may just have liked Persian customs, or felt that it was a way to unite the empire. The reaction was not good from our sources, although perhaps at the time, people would have been less shocked.

Philotas boasted that Alexander’s victories were really due to him and his father, Parmenio. He suspected Philotas of involvement in a plot against him. Alexander had him killed, and also Parmenio (to prevent revenge). Alexander passed Philotas’ sole command of the Companion Cavalry to two people: Cleitus and Hephaestion.

Bessus was killed and mutilated in Bactria in 329 BC.


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