33. Answers to exercises Copy

Chapter 2

Answers to Exercise 2.33

  1. There are as many opinions as there are people.
  2. We do not have as big an army as our enemy do.
  3. The longer you live, the wiser you become.
  4. Although I am silent, I still hear nothing.
  5. The teacher said that no one was as stupid as my brother.

Chapter 2

Answers to Exercise 2.34

  1. aut hic manebo aut domum ibo.
  2. quo celeries laboro, eo saepius erro.
  3. haec puella, sive currit sive ambulat, semper prima advenit.
  4. hic servus non videtur talis esse qualis alii.
  5. alii alia vident.


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