32. Answers to exercises Copy

Chapter 2

Answers to Exercise 2.31

  1. Although we are tired, we still want to march to Rome.
  2. Although I know that the journey will be difficult, I still want to make it.
  3. We love the beautiful island although it is small.
  4. Even if I had nothing, I would never dare to ask you for money.
  5. Although that senator had many enemies, he nonetheless feared no one.

Chapter 2

Answers to Exercise 2.32

  1. puella puerum salutavit quamquam eum numquam antea viderat.
  2. librum quamquam amavi, non emi.
  3. servus, etiam si diu laborabat, opus non confecit.
  4. dominum nostrum etsi timemus, quoque tamen amamus.
  5. Romani, quamquam Graeciam vicerant, Graecos mirabantur.


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