31. Answers to exercises Copy

Chapter 2

Answers to Exercise 2.29

  1. The slave was set free because he had saved his master.
  2. The prisoner was punished on the grounds that he had stolen the money.
  3. The children, because they wanted to go out, were shouting for a long time.
  4. We admire the general because he is both wise and brave.
  5. The girl stayed at home not because she was tired but because she wanted to read my book.

Chapter 2

Answers to Exercise 2.30

  1. ad Graeciam navigare non possumus quod hiems est.
  2. puella, quod pater novum canem emerat, laetissimae erant.
  3. imperator militem punivit quod fugisset.
  4. domum manebimus, quod pecuniam non habemus.
  5. Romam veni non vellem sed quia me invitasti.


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