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Those in power in Egypt believed that they could ingratiate themselves with Caesar by disposing of his enemy. They also thought maybe they could divert him away from Egypt

Remorse for is foe; anger at the murder of a Roman by a foreigner; the ties of kinship (Julius Caesar had been Pompey’s father-in law, through the latter’s marriage to Caesar’s daughter, Julia); Caesar being deprived of granting clemency to Pompey.

Rome was a rich province that had been eyed up by Rome for a long time (especially for its grain producing ability).

In 59 BC, Caesar, when consul, had passed a law proclaiming Ptolemy Auletes ‘friend and ally of Rome’, ie a client king. This was likely to have been the result of a bribe (some of which had been borrowed from Caesar himself). Caesar was keen for the debt to be repaid.

Beyond physical attraction, he probably ultimately decided that Cleopatra would be a more reliable ally for Rome than her brother.

This would have likely caused some resentment amongst Romans, who would have felt some xenophobic feelings towards a non-Roman woman (especially one in a position of power).


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