30. Answers to exercises Copy

Chapter 2

Answers to Exercise 2.27

  1. We were sitting in the garden when we heard shouts.
  2. The sun was rising when I arrived home.
  3. Winter was already approaching when we decided to set sail.
  4. The enemy were marching towards the walls when the Romans suddenly burst out.
  5. It was night when we left the city.

Chapter 2

Answers to Exercise 2.28

  1. ad Italiam navigabamus cum tempestas orta est.
  2. ad forum ambulabam cum amicum conspexi.
  3. vesper erat cum de clade audivimus.
  4. naves hostium appropinquabant cum custos signum dedit.
  5. epistulam nondum scrisperam cum nuntius advenit.


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