29. Study Questions Copy

We can look at other authors that talk about the education of women in other cultures. We may look to the education of girls from patrician families in Rome perhaps, but should be aware of cultural differences.

Cleopatra was to rule with her brother Ptolemy XIII, but with the assistance of advisors.

There were tensions between Julius Caesar and the senate. Caesar was just coming to the end of his time in Gaul, and the First Triumvirate had fractured with the death of Crassus in 53 and the death of Caesar’s daughter Julia, who was married to Pompey. In 49 Caesar would cross the Rubicon, and civil war would be triggered.

The Roman governor, Marcus Calpurnius Bibulus, was asking for help because the Parthians were attacking Syria. He requested the help of the Gabinians.

The Gabinians were the Roman soldiers of Aulus Gabinius, who had helped install Ptolemy XII Auletes and had remained in Alexandria after his death.

The advisors were Ptolemy XIII’s tutor, Theodotus, the soldier Achillas, and the eunuch, Pothinos.

There were tensions between brother and sister, but Rome declared its support for Ptolemy, leaving Cleopatra in a weakened position.


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