26. Answers to exercises Copy

Chapter 2

Answers to Exercise 2.13

  1. You are now allowed to go away now.
  2. I enjoyed staying in the house.
  3. It is necessary to reply in a few words.
  4. You ought to have spoken truthfully.
  5. It often happens that I receive a gift.

Chapter 2

Answers to Exercise 2.14

  1. placet nobis talia verba audire.
  2. necesse est veterem librun eicere.
  3. oportet vos nihil dicere, puellae.
  4. accidit ut nemo adsit.
  5. libet mihi cibum emere.

Chapter 2

Answers to Exercise 2.15

  1. They finally reached the sea.
  2. The laws were once obeyed by all the citizens.
  3. They arrive at the city.
  4. The enemy will be bravely resisted by our soldiers.
  5. On that day they fought bravely.

Chapter 2

Answers to Exercise 2.16

  1. postero die ad urbem perventum est.
  2. verbis regis semper paretur.
  3. non iam pugnatur.
  4. ad ripam flumenis adventum est.
  5. illi senatori ab omnibus civibus credebatur.


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