20. Answers to exercises Copy

Chapter 1

Answers to Exercise 1.40

  1. I shall ask my friend what he is going to do now.
  2. The soldier is so tired that soon he will fall asleep.
  3. The children wanted to know when we were going to arrive.
  4. We do not know what kind of things we are going to suffer.
  5. I finally asked the guests when they were going to go back home.
  6. No-one can learn whether we are going to surrender ourselves to the troops of the enemy.
  7. Immediately we understood how difficult the journey was going to be.
  8. Ask your friend whether he is going to remain with us for a long time.
  9. Surely you know what we were going to find there?
  10. The slave did not know whether the master was going to free him.

Chapter 1

Answers to Exercise 1.41

  1. senatorem rogavi num diu locuturus esset.
  2. nemo scit quis illam domum empturus sit.
  3. imperatorem rogavi num hodie profecturi simus.
  4. puella tam bene laboravit ut praemium acceptura sit.
  5. cives rogant quando novas vestes imperatoris visuri sint.


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