18. Answers to exercises Copy

Chapter 1

Answers to Exercise 1.36

  1. He is so stupid that he understands nothing.
  2. The slave girl was working so slowly that I had to punish her.
  3. I had received so many letters that I could not reply to them all.
  4. The citizens were so afraid that they fled from the city.
  5. The girl is too wise to say these things.
  6. I had drunk so much wine that I could not walk correctly.
  7. The senator spoke in such a way that everyone always praised him.
  8. Such was the food that no one could eat it.
  9. The river is too high to cross.
  10. I had worked for the whole day, with the result that I wished to sleep a long time.

Chapter 1

Answers to Exercise 1.37

  1. miles tam fortis est ut nihil timeat.
  2. tam fessi eramus ut exire non vellemus.
  3. liber tam brevis est ut iam legerim.
  4. equi celerius cucurrerunt quam ut eos caperem.
  5. tanta erat tempestas quam naves deletae sint.


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