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The official inscriptions from Persia show him as continuing his father’s legacy by completing building projects. The Greek sources, such as Aeschylus, in his play Persians (472 BC) shows him as impulsive and aggressive (but remember, this is a work of fiction, so we need to be careful about inaccuracy and bias). Herodotus, writing a little afterwards, portrays him in a similar way. Is this because that is the way he was, or is it because they are both Greek (and Aeschylus had fought against the Persians at Marathon)?

According to Herodotus, Darius consulted the former Spartan king, Demaratus, who suggested he followed the Spartan custom of appointing the son who had been first born after his father had become king.

A combination of factors: the death of Darius may have been seen as a moment to rebel, as was the accession of an untried new ruler. Perhaps they were inspired by the Greek success at Marathon. Also, they may have resented the levies being collected to equip armies for a new invasion of Greece.

Probably because of administrative changes that were introduced.


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