16. Answers to exercises Copy

Chapter 1

Answers to Exercise 1.32

  1. I forbid you to do this again.
  2. The leader ordered his soldiers to pitch camp near the river.
  3. The woman ordered her daughter to stay in the house.
  4. The prisoner was begging me to spare him.
  5. The old man often warns us not to forget the war.
  6. The general urged us to fight bravely.
  7. Can you not beg your friends to stay with us?
  8. We decided to pray to the gods to send help to Rome.
  9. The slave girl was ordered to offer win to the guests.
  10. I was trying to persuade the citizens to establish a new city.

Chapter 1

Answers to Exercise 1.33

  1. servos clamare vetabo.
  2. soror me hortata es tut omnem cibum ederem.
  3. imperator militibus imperavit ut statim profiscerentur.
  4. magister nobis persuasit ut laboraremus.
  5. puella illum librum legere iussa est.


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