15. Answers to exercises Copy

Chapter 1

Answers to Exercise 1.30

  1. Take me to your leader!
  2. Follow me, friend, and don’t go away!
  3. Prepare dinner for me!
  4. Do not speak!
  5. Carry the books into the house, children!
  6. Do not stay in the forum!
  7. Defend the walls, citizens!
  8. Do not buy this dog!
  9. Give me the books I asked for!
  10. Do this so that you may be praised, boys!

Chapter 1

Answers to Exercise 1.31

  1. diligenter audite, omnes!
  2. haec verba discere conar, puer!
  3. amice, cibum mihi da!
  4. nolite proficisci ante primam lucem, milites!
  5. abite, Romani, nec redite!


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