14. Answers to exercises Copy

Chapter 1

Answers to Exercise 1.25

  1. I am running home to eat dinner.
  2. Soon the slaves will walk from the field to sleep under the trees.
  3. The old man hid himself in the temple so as not to be captured by the enemy.
  4. Our friends arrived in Rome to see the buildings of the city.
  5. Always listen so you can learn well!
  6. The envoys arrived to seek help.
  7. The boy remained in the wood so as not to be found by his friends.
  8. The enemies marched to attack the camp.
  9. The senator, so as to consult the citizens, walked through the forum.
  10. A few men were left behind to guard the bridge.

Chapter 1

Answers to Exercise 1.26

  1. feminae in via exspectant ut reginam videant.
  2. iter ad Italiam cras faciemus ut fratrem meum inveniamus.
  3. ad oppidum ambulavi ut cibum emerem.
  4. festinatisne ut senatorem audiatis, amici?
  5. milites mittebantur ut urbem oppugnarent.

Chapter 1

Answers to Exercise 1.27

  1. The king sent a messenger to show us the way.
  2. I shall hide the money in the ground so that it may never be found.
  3. The citizens opened the gates in order to escape more easily.
  4. I sent the envoys by night so that no-one would observe them.
  5. Take a sword with which to kill the king.
  6. I look for companions with whom to make the journey through the mountains.
  7. The leader decided to gather a few men to look for water.
  8. At first light we advanced to arrive at Rome more quickly.
  9. I have no money to buy food.
  10. The general abandons the bridge so the soldiers could cross the bridge afterwards.

Chapter 1

Answers to Exercise 1.28

  1. meus pater servum misit qui hunc librum emeret.
  2. puellae diligenter laborant ne puniantur.
  3. puer cucurrit quo celerius domum adveniret.
  4. Romani consilium faciunt quo hostes vincant.
  5. liberos in hortum misi ne quid audirent.


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